Charlie Butts


February 16
Cleveland, OH 44102


My wife, Alice, and I have four children - Joanne J., John M., Helen M., and Paul M. On January 6, 1975, Charles was sworn in as the Ohio State Senator representing District 23 for a four year term.


I have a Bachelor of Arts degree in Government from Oberlin college. I was elected to the 23rd Ohio Senate District in 1974 and re-elected in 1978. I served on the Ways and Means Comm., the Energy and Public Utilities Comm., and the Rules Comm. I was appointed Chairman of the Elections, Financial Institutions and Insurance Comm. And also Chairman of the Public Improvements Inspection Comm.

Charlie and I will be there so long as reunion does not conflict with a family reunion (so far not definite in time !) with our children and grandchildren in Colorado. Time for that all depends on when Paul's family will be arriving in Boulder area from France. We only know that we will be there for SOME two-week period in July! Both our eldest son John and his wife Sonali, who have just bought a house in Lewisville, near Boulder, and our #3 child, Joanna and her family of four, who live two doors from John's new home, will be our hosts. Helen, our youngest, was just here with her 6-month-old son, Nicholas Lee, and she and her husband Jeff will come to our Pymatuning Lake house also in early June for some good sails and canoe rides. We pray for wind! I realize that Charlie has not sent in a bio. Suffice it to say that he has had so much fun "stepping into a dream" once again...this time the goal is to reach as many "children at risk" across the country before age two! He is a volunteer member of the board of the Parent-Child Home Program, headquartered in Long Island, N.Y. We have begun a replication of the national model here in inner city Cleveland, which I coordinate, and he travels around the country by email and by airplane to encourage and facilitate more start-ups. The Parent-Child Home Program brings books and toys to toddlers and undereducated moms, in a home-visiting model over a two-year period. Twice weekly visits by trained home visitors (often moms just off of welfare) give a lot of support and positive modeling to moms who have no high school degree. Charlie is quite hopeful of replications being started soon in both California and Mississippi, states where he has visited a couple of times in this past year, and where early childhood money has become available. Also, Charlie just submitted a proposal that would triple the size of our Cleveland replication, so that I would have to hire and train two more coordinators and lots more home visitors, including moms who have graduated from the program and want to get off welfare into paying first jobs. We also manage to travel abroad at least once a year, since two of our five grandsons are in southern France. This March we even made it to Spain, to check out the Bilbao Guggenheim Museum... quite an interesting trip. We hope to see you all in July! Let us know how we can help. If you can reach us, we are not in Colorado yet! Lake Pymatuning home number is (724)932-3457. Come sail with us! Alice & Charlie

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