Hi Gang,

After paging through the bios as submitted by class members, my bio might read "all of the above". But I guess some details are in order to satisfy the curious.


I graduated from Fenn College, now Cleveland State University, in 1957 with a Mechanical Engineering Degree. At graduation it was my desire to join the Navy, fly jets and land on aircraft carriers. During my college career, I spent a lot of time in a Stinson Station Wagon, a Piper J-3, and a SNB trainer. HOWEVER, the lady you see in the picture below changed all of that. We were married in 1958, and I went to work for NASA.


At NASA I was employed as a Nuclear Physicist in Cleveland, Ohio. I later transferred to Sandusky, Ohio and worked at the Nuclear Reactor run by NASA. After holding various jobs at the reactor, I became a Shift Supervisor and Senior Reactor Operator. Senior Reactor Operators are licensed by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission and my number at that time was 760. Currently this number is more than 10,000. The Reactor Research Program was cancelled in 1973, so we moved to Riverview, MI. Detroit Edison Co. there employed me. There I held jobs as Senior Mechanical Engineer, Technical Engineer, and Operations Engineer in various plants owned and operated by Detroit Edison. I later became Superintendent of Conners Creek Power Plant, a plant owned and operated by Detroit Edison. Conners Creek is a 250 megawatt facility.

I enjoy woodworking, photography, snow skiing, water skiing and my PC.

We have four children: Renee; 6 children: Duane; not married: Daphne; 2 children: and Byron; 2 children.

Renee lives in Madison, GA with her husband Jerome. They operate a Dry Cleaning/Upholstering business.

Duane is employed as a Veterinary Doctor at a local Veterinary Hospital.

Daphne has her Masters Degree and teaches sixth grade in Lincoln Park, MI. Ford Motor Company employs her husband.

Byron, married to a Doctor of Psychiatry, graduated from University of Michigan in Kinesiology, but is currently going back to school to get a teaching degree.

After raising four children, Gayle went to work for Eurest Dining Co. and plans to retire in November this year.


Combine the Good and The Better, and you get The Best. I retired in 1996. We baby sit, travel, and are very active in church activities. God only promised 3 score plus 10 and I am now working on the 10. We plan to celebrate our 50th anniversary in 2008. See you in May.


Gayle and Dick

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