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Contact person: Martha Lawall Warnock

Members of the Class of 1952

Graduation Program -- The Big Potato -- Reunion Photo

U.S. Map of Classmate Residences

Milferd "Jack" Babcock, deceased

Kay Hanmer Mims, deceased

Donald Parsh

Robert Beese, deceased

Fred Hart, email

George Peabody, email

Lita Brown, deceased

Beverly Hatter

Gene Presti, email

Nancy Butler Kane, email

Bob Holden, email

Bonnie Princehorn Plyler, email

Glenn Carruthers

Linell Holloway Walker, email

Eugenia Ray, deceased

Ernest Denny, deceased

Dorris Holmes McElya

Waneta Rifenburg Smith

Gloria Donaldson Hopkins

Nancy Hungate, email

Martha Robertson Adams

Willie Edwards

Mary Ann Hunsicker

Richard Robinson, email

Louise Elder Lund

Janet Hurst Haynes, deceased

Rose Marie Sadlo Doherty

Connie Ellis Champion, deceased

June Kern Bailey, email

Lois Schmitz Jackson

Frank Ellis

Rosalind Kennedy Kenworthy, email

Louise Simpson Hendry, email

Beverly Farr Taylor

Richard Kimmey, email

Mary Ann Singleton, email

Kitty Fixx

Gloria Klermund Cropp, deceased

Kenneth Smith, deceased

Dick Fowler

Martha Lawall Warnock, email

David Snyder

Paul Fry, email

Dave Mabry

Bettye Turner Bryant, email

Mary Lou "Lou" Geauman Goodl

Patricia Merle Schnarr, email

Betty Vedder Volk, deceased

Greta Getty Singleton, deceased

Nathan Nash, deceased

Nancy Walter Carlson, email

Richard Gleason, deceased

Margaret Neumann Graves, email

Keith Williams

Robert Hamlin, deceased

Alvin Norris

Paul Zeckel

Ronald Oakley, deceased

Tour of old Oberlin High School, 5/31/02

Updated 5 September 10