Oberlin High School
Class of 1939
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Persons listed in
Black are deceased,

those in Black Bold have obituaries posted on the In Memoriam pages.
Those with a gold star died in service to our country.
Helen (Albert) Tester 1920-2010
Winfred Hanns Anders 1921-2006
Clarence R. Bowman 1920-2010
Lois Fern (Brown) (Champion) Frech 1920-1991
Marion William "Bill" Bungard c. 1920-2008
Isabel Helen (Byars) Hoskinson 1920-1999
Eleanor Georgia (Cady) Weber 1921-2000
Alvin Daniel Carpenter 1922-2006
Frances Virginia (Clark) Brooks 1921-
Kenneth J. Davis c. 1921
Ralph Arba Fowls c. 1921-1944
Iola Mae (Gibson) Sabiers 1921-2006
Jeanne LeBaron (Gray) Wood 1920-2001
Walter Joseph Gutman Jr. c. 1921-
Otis Frederick Hall 1921-
Dorothy Jane (Harley) Thompson 1922-2011
Mary Elizabeth "MaryBeth" (Hartson) McCalla c. 1921-
Dorothy Nanna (Hobbs) Bures 1921-1998
Melvern Clayton Hoff 1921-2001
Paul Gilbert Hovey 1921-2002
Herman Thomas Hudnell 1920-1998
Wilmah Jean (Hull) Lauer c. 1921-1986
Margaret Mae (Hurst) Adler 1921-
Dorothy Mae (Johnson) Cannon 1921-1987
John Benson Johnson c. 1920-
John J. Jolley Jr. c. 1920-
Kathleen Paige (Kimpton) (McGlenn) James c. 1921
Fred William Kleps Jr. c. 1921-1944
Arthur Lucas Jr. 1921-2006
Georgiana Catherine (McKnight) Bohrer 1921-
Joyce Louise (Merrill) Redden 1921-
Agnes Catherine (Mitro) Mason c. 1921-
Helen Margaret (Morse) Searl 1921- 1995
Valentin Joseph "Val" Nasipak 1922-1987
Charlotte (Norling) Cassels 1921-2005
Alice Elizabeth (O’Neal) McAfee
Catherine Elizabeth (Owens) Rhinehardt 1921-2008
Margaret Elizabeth (Paddack) Maruschak 1921-1990
Mary Agnes (Princehorn) VanAusdale 1921-1986
Louise Nevada (Proper) Hall 1921-1969
James Reginald Rainbow 1923-1994
Dawn (Reed) Linden 1922-
Dorothy Edith Rosecrans 1921-
John G. Sakellar 1921-1948
Henry John Schandorsky 1920-2008
Margaret Ruth (Schubert) Petersen 1921-2011
Laura Juanita (Shaw) Smith 1922-2009
Mary Ann (Spaulding) Bell 1922-
Margaret Irene (St. Julien) Chretien 1920-1998
Veronic Consuella (St. Julien) Morris 1919-1999
Robert Dale Van Ausdale 1920-1992
Wilbur Eugene Van Ausdale 1921-1999
Miriam Piroska (Verda) Keller 1921-
Bradford Bowman Warner 1921-2002
Mary Alice Gertrude (Webber) Moffat 1920-2011
Earl Edwin Weekly 1921-1962
Richard Allan Weeks 1921-2007
Mary Juanita (Whitney) Webber 1920-2013
Arthur Norman Willbond 1920-2002
Robert Lee "Bob" Winder 1921-2012
Leon Sprunger Yaggy 1921-
Berneisis Motte (Young) Russo c. 1921-
Ruth Florie (Young) (Favor) Scott 1913-1999
Thanks to Dawn Linden for providing us with valuable information used on this and other class pages.

Updated 21 June 2013