Oberlin High School
Class of 1936
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Persons listed in Black are deceased,
those in Black Bold have obituaries posted on the In Memoriam pages.
Those with a gold star died in service to our country.

Elsie Pauline (Avery) Mann 1918-
Clarence Kenneth Baumann 1918-1999
Alma Elaine Beach
Jeannette Etta (Berg) Emmerick c. 1918-
Richard Meredith Cain 1918-1982
Constance Betty (Crist) Gray 1919-2001
Lucy Pauline (Crosby) Bliss 1918-1981
Stephen Winchester Dana 1920-1986
Freda May (Donaldson) Payne 1917-1977
John Earl Dudley 1918-1999
Richard Saxton "Dick" Dudley 1918-1944
Marion (Edwards) Comings 1918-2004
Ruth Marie (Fields) (Mathews) Howard 1918-1996
Howard Charles Gibbs c. 1914-
Frances Louise Graves
Marguerite Evans Grills 1918-1982
Elizabeth Mae (Hall) Womble 1917-2002
Miriam A. "Mim" (Hamilton) Berliner 1918-2009
Nina Ruth (Harris) Eschke 1918-
Jessie Alonzo Holmes 1918-1997
Frances Eleanor (Huffman) Bradley 1918-1987

Marguerite Naomi (Huston) King 1915-2005
Alice Roberts (Jones) Martin 1918-2001
Leslie Frank Ketch 1916-1996
Esther Millie (Kruger) Hemphill 1918-1975
John Clayton "Jack" Lee 1917-
Katherine Rebecca (Lemmon) Guins c. 1919-
Lendrum Acker "Len" MacEachron 1919-2010
Vesta Irene Mason c. 1917-
Ethel Cleo (Maxwell*) Fitzner
Iverna Rose "Ivy" (McCreedy) Johnson 1917-2001
Harold Kenneth Miller 1919-2000
Reta May (Mowatt) Amenhauser 1918-1985
Mildred (Nieding) Turnbull 1918-2001
Frances Annabell "Fran" (Noland) (Vorhees) Sutherland 1918-1999
Carleton Hugo "Carl" Ohly 1917-1993
Robert Wilson Peal 1918-1997
Cleatus William Pettiford 1915-2006
Lillian Lorena (Pettiford) Mehlinger 1917-2006
Vesta Virginia (Phelps) Clancy 1918-
Ethel Virginia (Phillips) Huston 1917-2000
Robert Joseph Porter 1919-1989
Melvin Drew "Mel" Rainbow 1918-2000
Duane Elnathan Rhodes 1918-1998
Lida Elizabeth (Roberts) (Shultz) Todd 1918-1985
Elizabeth "Betty" (Rogers) Hastings 1918-1985
Kathleen Florence (Rosecrans) Rose 1918-1998
Nicholas Gus Sakellar 1918-1993
Earl Parsons Sandrock  1917-2004
Harriet Meda (Sandrock) (Banick) Gregg 1918-2001
Harriet Dale (Scott) Williams c. 1917-
Mabel Irene (Shook) Jaycox 1917-1996
Helen Bernice (Spotts) (Miller) Brown 1918-2002
Eleanor Ellen (Squires) (Leuzler) Kasper 1916-1999
Gertrude Roberta "Trudy" (Squires) Pierce 1919-
Audrey Marilyn (Stevens) Williams
Ora Charlotte (Streicher) Bliss 1918-1981
Jarvis Allan Strong, Jr. 1917-
John WIlliam "Jack" Templeton 1918-2013
Michael Joseph Teves c. 1917-1985
Wilbur Crawford "Bill" Thomas 1916-1995
Jeanne Margaret (Waite) Tenney 1919-1998
Mary Gladys (Waldecker) Youdell 1918-2004
Martin Carol Warren** 1917-1999
Frank Sherman "Count" Williams 1917-1985
Vernon Wade Williams c. 1914-
Paul Edward Winder 1917-1982
Alden Frederick Wooster 1918-1962
Willis Herbert Yocom 1919-1991
James Lamberson Zahm  1917-2004
Franklyn Henry Zavodsky 1917-1997
  In high school went by name of: *Betty Cleo Holland  **Martin Warren Jackson
Thanks to Gertrude (Squires) Pierce for providing us with valuable information used on this page.

Updated June 9, 2013