Oberlin High School
Class of 1928
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Persons listed in
Black are deceased,

those in
Black Bold have obituaries posted on the In Memoriam pages.

Margaret Mae (Auten) Beveridge 1910-2004
John Henry "Jack" Barnard 1911-2000
Hildredth Evelyn (Barone) Berg 1910-1984
Hazel Marie (Berg) (Whitney) Lang 1911-2010
Edwin Carlos "Bill" Berry 1910-1987
Marvyl (Berry) Fields '27 1895-1988
Laurence Edwin Bohrer 1911-2004
George Richard Brandon 1909-
Lois Deborah (Brown) (Whitney) Baker 1910-1995
Ruby Ilo (Brown) Worcester 1909-
Susan Clair "Sue" (Carson) Arnold 1910-1993
Mary Elizabeth "Biddy" (Chapin) Burns 1910-2000
William Eldridge Clark 1910-1982
Helen J. Collins
Milton Braithwaite Corlett 1907-1998
Edwin William "Ed" Crompton 1909-1983
Ruth Eleanor (Davis) Princehorn 1910-1986
Euphemia Elaine (Drage) Beebe 1910-1993
Mildred B. (Farrar) Gaines 1910-1984
Esther Eveline (Fitzgerald) Bleha 1911-1999
 Yukee Fujiyoshe*
Mary Elizabeth "Betty" (Gibson) Conrad 1909-1977
Ruth Elizabeth Gould
Robert DuBois "Bob" Hubbard 1912-2001
Isaac O. Huffman 1908-1976
Leslie A. M. Huntley 1911-1994
Pearl Emma (Justin) Powers 1910-1999
Charles Marvin Kelly 1909-1947
Carl Wade Kinney, Jr. 1910-1999
 Russell Jacob "Buss" Krueger 1910-2004
Sigyn Lucy Katharine (Lindquist) Eakin 1911-1964
Frank Carlton Locke 1910-1984
Katharine Caldwell [Grant] McCullough-Morton 1911-2000
Charles Edwin Metzler 1909-1985
Evelyn Elizabeth (Moore) Ryall 1911-1999
John Griffith "Jack" Olmstead, Jr. 1911-1962
John Lewis Partridge
Kenneth VanNess "Kenny" Powers 1909-1981
Dayton Lambert Preston 1910-1975
Theodore Edgar "Ted" Princehorn 1910-1982
Frances Virginia (Robinson) Barthelemy 1911-1996
John Perry "Jack" (Sayger) Saeger, Jr. 1910-1997
John Bishop Selover 1909-1970
Evelyn Evangeline (Skinner) Wilkins 1908-1974
Mary Thelma Smith
Ora Elizabeth (Springer) Solida 1910-1995
Russell Durand Stone 1910-1985
Bradford M. Tenney 1908-1990
Phyllis Berdine (Thompson) Cote 1910-
Ruth Tong
Alvah Evan Walker 1910-1977
Frederick Champion "Champ" Ward 1910-2007
Helen Ward 1909-1947
Beulah Kathryn (West) Haggard 1910-1990
Eloise Lucile White 1911-1934
Florene Emma Worcester 1911-1997
Robert Brooks "Bob" Wright 1909-1984
Frances Anne "Fran" (Zavodsky) Revers 1910-1994

as published in The Oberlin Tribune, Oberlin, Ohio, Friday, June 1, 1928, p. 1.
*Listed in 1928 as joining class in her senior year; not on graduation list.
Updated 5 September 2010