Oberlin High School
Class of 1913
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Persons listed in Black Bold have obituaries posted on the In Memoriam pages.

Helen (Adams) Lucal 1895-1973
Clarence Eugene Amstutz c. 1893-1937
Rex Chase Bartlett 1894-1955
Mildred Fern (Bates) Logan 1895-1967
Florence Margaret (Berg) Everson 1896-1989
Emily Marion (Bissell) Robinson 1895-1973
John William Brooks 1893-1978
Inez Esther Bunce
Wallace Colburn Burroughs 1894-1972
Hiram Bingham Channon 1894-1974
Theresa Joan Dietz 1896-1992
Lorna Marion Dudley 1896-1987
Ruth Alice (Dulmage) Hogue 1894-1980
Leo Irwin Forman 1896-1986
Caesar Thomas Fortson
Marion Melissa (Heusner) Crossner 1895-1997
Reva Mae (Horn) Wainwright 1895/6-1970
Ruth Agnes Kinnear
Paul Horace Langdon 1894-1960
Rose (Lawrence) Carpenter c. 1893-1918
Anna Eleanore (Martin) Dyke 1894-1988
Rachel Victoria (Metcalf) Hess c. 1895-1968
Marion Clare (Mosher) Peabody 1894-1943
Dwight VanDorn Peabody 1894-1972
Juvanielia Myrtle "Juva" (Peabody) Brown 1894-1917
Frederick William Penfound 1894-1969
Glen Princehorn 1895-1940
Marion Metcalf "Polly" Root 1896-1981
Josephine Adelaide (Saxton) Dudley 1894-1963
Ralph Russell Schubert 1895-1923
Mary Thompson (Sherwood) Hill 1896-1983
Benjamin Kent Smith Jr. 1895-1979
Marion Taylor Steele f. 1896-
Charles Wesley Stone 1894-1984
Johnna Beatrix Hill Toddings 1892-1985
Mabel (Wade) Kimmel 1896-1972
Florence Mae (Wilson) Harbaugh 1896-1984
Mark Leonard Wilson 1892-1974

as published in The Oberlin Tribune, Oberlin, Ohio, Friday, June 13, 1913, p. 1.
Updated 1 November 2008