Oberlin High School
Class of 1907
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Persons listed in
Black Bold have obituaries posted on the In Memoriam pages.

Elizabeth Price Anthony c. 1889-1929
Mary Helen Arnet 1888-1969
Howard Ashley Axtell 1888-
Harley M. Baxter 1887-1960
Bessie Ernestine (Bell) (Evan) 1887-
Mary Clarissa Charlton 1887-1971
Mary Lucile Cook 1889-1937
Otis Freeman Curtis 1888-1949
Helen Maretta Dart 1889-1957
Kenneth Ray Derby 1885-1975
Austin Patterson Evans 1883-1962
Harriet Winifred "Hattie (Fletcher) (Rolo) Baumgardner 1889-1935
Juliet (Fortson) Dozier 1887-
Martha Amanda (Gerrish) Metcalf 1890-1938
Edith Gill* c.1888-
Mildred Elizabeth (Goldman) Cleaver 1885-1926

Edith Scott Gray 1888-1975
Byron B. Johnston 1887-1952
Donald Storrs King 1889-1963
Ruth Marjorie Loomis 1889-
Laurence Howland MacDaniels 1888-1986
Corinne Harriet (Mann) Heuser 1888-
Helen (Martin) Rood 1889-1943
Keyes DeWitt Metcalf 1889-1983
Myrtle Bernice (North) Brunner 1889-1964
Martha Ann "Mattie" (Persons) Garver 1886-1958
Gertrude Margaret (Porter) McCue 1890-1969
Esther Nichols (Robson) Bowen 1890-1979
Jean Oliver (Rockefeller) Cook 1888-
Everett True Skeels 1888-1937
Floy Zxlema (Smith) Brown c.1891-1952
Walter David Smith
Nessie E. "Nellie" (Stone) Earley 1888-
Deane Hammond Waite 1887-1962
Lucy Marguerite (Weeks) Curtis 1888-1964
Mamie Emma "May" (Wenk) Bendt 1889-1970
Louise Wood 1890-

as published in The Oberlin Tribune, Oberlin, Ohio, Friday, June 14, 1907, p. 1.
*Listed in the Elyria Evening Telegram only.
Updated 12 May 2012