Oberlin High School
Class of 1905
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Persons listed in Black Bold have obituaries posted on the In Memoriam pages.
Bertha Lorina (Angle) (Snyder) Gibson  1884-1974
Sarah Elizabeth (Bacon) Haskins 1886-1966
Lora Ethel (Bliss) Bliss 1885-1947
James Tenney Brand 1886-1964
Ruth Adelaide Breckenridge  1887-1964
Estella LaVerne "Stella" Coe 1887-1966
Pearl Frances Cook 1887-1976
Edith Curtis c. 1885-1960
Robert Emmet Dickson 1888-
Genevieve (Dresser) (Gaston) Phelps c. 1885-1978
Harlan Durand Dulmage 1986-1924
Ione Fowles
Halsey Augustus Frederick 1887-1961
Alice Ruth Gaston 1886-
Gertrude Mae (Grills) Schramm 1887-1946
Samuel A. Hartman
Nina Belle (Haylor) (Shuart) Hovey 1886-1964
Nellie Beryl Herrick 1884-1908
Helen Edna (Hurst) Goode 1886-1946
Paul Bowen Lawson 1888-1954
Euphemia (Morris) Drage 1886-1968
Frances Indiana (Peabody) Gibson 1885-1938
Walter Howard Peake 1885-1955
Charles Sumner Phoenix 1884-1968
Hennrietta Kelsey "Joy" (Smith) Sherk 1887-1961
Nell Barry "Nellie" (Snyder) Persons 1884-1923
Frank Probert Stone 1886-1909
Adelle Louise (Tenney) Cross 1884-1968
Faith Weld (Tenney) Houser 1886-1983
Alfred William Walkup 1886-
Robert Bruce Whitney 1886-1974
Helen Mildred (Wood) Barnum 1887-1976
Charles Herbert Yocom 1885-1951

as published in The Tribune, Oberlin, Ohio, Friday, June 2, 1905, p. 1.
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