Oberlin High School
Class of 1901
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Persons listed in
Black Bold have obituaries posted on the In Memoriam pages.

Emma Louise Baird 1883-1935
Edith May "Effa" Bruce 1883-
Amy Lucile (Cherry) Briggs 1884-1966
Lois Bernice (Cole) Chapin 1883-1965
Nellie Alice Cole 1882-1960
Helen House Cook 1884-1930
Lillian Lucille (Cuyler) Schirmer 1883-1968
Mary Frances (Ely) Cole 1882-1959
Bessie Ashton Graham 1882-
Dessie Emily Greene c. 1882-
Myrtle Lenora (Hadley) Daugherty 1881-
Clara Alberta (Husted) Wolfe 1883-1970
Helen Irene (MacRoberts) Cornell 1881-1971
Flora Agnes (Merrill) Behr 1883-1959
Maude Estelle (Mills) Cargill 1882-1986
Ella Maude (Morris) (Bellinger) Worner 1882-1974
Marion Blanche (Morse) Goodwin 1884-1946
Margaret Eleanor (Mosher) Capron c. 1883-1946
Helen Gertrude (Noyes) Burr 1884-1963
Ruth Azniv Parmelee 1885-1973
Jeanne Farrell (Payne) Johnson 1882-1957
Carl Andrew Pearl 1883-1939
Anson Burwell Peck 1883-
Luella Jeannette (Persons) Dalzell 1880-1951
Ona Elnora (Porter) Wood 1883-1973
Grace Ethel (Robinson) Dickason 1883-1919
Bessie Claire (Spaulding) (Hawkins) Farrar 1884-1981
Alice Geneva Vincent 1882-1974
Harold Gaston Vincent 1882-1974
Mark Francis Wilcox 1884-1976

as published in The Tribune, Oberlin, Ohio, Saturday, June 15, 1901

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