Oberlin High School
Class of 1900
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Persons listed in Black Bold have obituaries posted on the In Memoriam pages.

Harry Willard Bails 1880-1945
Clara Elizabeth (Baird) Frederickson 1881-
Wilhemina Bedortha* 1882-1908
William Henry "Will" Belden Jr. 1883-1948

Carl William Brice c. 1882-1900
Dwight Austin Burr 1880-1956
Geraldine (Burr) Lawson 1881-1922
Merrill Jackson Burr 1883-1939
Mame Byam
Louis Ward Cheney 1881-1958
Florence (Cherry) Kline 1881-
John Minton Clifton 1883-1947
Irene Oresta (Coe) Bukovac 1881-1949
Charles Wheat "Charley" Danforth 1882-1946
Miss Foote
Ralph Lyman Harding 1882-1945
Edna Louise Harger 1881-
Marshall Francis Hoopes 1883-1953
Bernard R. Hurst 1881-
Herbert Stanley Lessenhop 1881-1976
Lottie (McClaflin ) McConnell 1880-1960
Otis F. McKee 1882-1983
Miss Millikan
Harvey Whitefield Peck 1879-1974
Miss Rice
Nettie Lorena (Ritzenthaler) Kellogg 1882-1967
Lena Rose
Howard Saxton 1880-
Florence Smith 1882-
Florence Thalia? Waite 1884-1980
Thomas Wilson 1882-

as published in the The Tribune, Oberlin, Ohio, Friday, June 15, 1900, p. 1.
*Not on graduation list; not sure this is her correct class.
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