Oberlin High School
Class of 1899
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Class list corrections - 1899@oberlin-high.org

Persons listed in Black Bold have obituaries posted on the In Memoriam pages.

Permelia Allen 1881-1946
Madison Clair Bates 1881-
Rachel Dean (Brightman) Rowland 1882-1960
Mary Josephine Bruce 1881-
Carrie Elizabeth (Cook) Stevens 1881-1953
Altha Maria Cornwell 1878-1919
Ione T. Harrington
Albert Louis Holter 1879-1974
Loyal George Hubbard 1882-
Alida Cornelia Judd
Frances Graydon (Knox) Vincent 1881-1961
Ina Margaret (Laird) Cole 1882-1924
Helen Irene (McLaughlin) Falkenburg 1881-1930
James Fred Mitchell 1878-1957
Amelia Lizzie "Amy" (Reed) Osborn 1881-1946
Edward Harlan "Harl" Rollin 1879-
Laura Esther (Rudd) Throckmorton 1881-1929
Irwin Addison Smith 1882-1947
Florence Edith Stetson 1880-1966
Florence Storey 1882-1906
Horace Gaylord Waite 1881-1953
Augusta French (West) Canfield 1880-1968
Grace Gardner (Whitney) Birdseye 1879-1980

as published in The Oberlin News, Oberlin, Ohio, Tuesday, June 13, 1899, p. 1.

Updated 1 December 2008