Oberlin High School
Class of 1894
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Class list corrections - 1894@oberlin-high.org

Persons listed in Black Bold have obituaries posted on the In Memoriam pages.

Grace Harrington (Ashley) (Street) Tucker 1875-1955
Edgar Fauver 1875-1946
Edwin Fauver 1875-1949
Ray B. Harding
George Lindley Wilcox Kilbon 1875-1911
Alice Chipman (MacDaniels) Fauver 1875-1939
Norma Noble
Miss Patton
Dudley Billings Reed 1878-1955
Luetta Susan "Lola" (Squire) (Peabody) Magruder 1876-1947
Grace Elizabeth (Tenney) Olsen 1876-1966
Charles Newton Wheeler 1874-1949
Miss Williams

as published in The Oberlin News, Oberlin, Ohio, Thursday, June 14, 1894, p. 1.
Updated 4 September 2009