Oberlin High School
Class of 1891
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Class list corrections - 1891@oberlin-high.org

Persons listed in Black Bold have obituaries posted on the In Memoriam pages.

Bertha Cann 1873-1965
Luella (Cherry) Rettig 1871-1960
William Cleland "Will" "Bib" Clancy 1872-1941
Henry M. Close 1872-1952
Walter Yale Durand 1874-1926
Ida May (Gordon) Jackson 1875-1960
Bertha Hadley
Minne V. (Jenkins) Martin c. 1873
Beulah Belle (Johnson) Zimmerman 1872-
William Raphael Miles Kellogg 1875-1908
Arthur Pomeroy Laughlin 1872-1951
George Grant Life 1872-1925
Edward Mead
Harry Edward Morgan 1872-1951
Ruby M. (Morgan) Smith 1874-1949
William George Phelps 1872-1958
Katherine Maria Rowley 1873-1952
Victoria Latcher Scott c. 1870-1894

Myrta May (Sturtevant) Olmsted 1873-1960
William Leicester Tambling 1873-1945
Kate Belle (Thompson) Smith 1872-1954
Charlotte Mary "Lottie" Versoy 1873-1948
Sara Ellen "Sadie" (Watson) Durand 1873-1940
Mabel C. Wood 1872-1911
Walter Allen Wood 1874-1947

as published in The Oberlin News, Oberlin, Ohio, Thursday, June 18, 1891, p. 6.

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