Oberlin High School
Class of 1890
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Class list corrections - 1890@oberlin-high.org

Persons listed in Black Bold have obituaries posted on the In Memoriam pages.

Bertha A. (Bonnell) Higginbotham 1870-1939
Gertrude A. Corbin
Nellie Ruth (Follansbee) Burke 1874-1922
Laura May (Heusner) Laughlin 1872-1960
Mary E. Kincade
Frank C. Leseman 1872-1903
Ira Barton Penniman 1873-1940
Grace Ella (Prince) Shaw 1870-1948
Sara Elizabeth "Sadie" Prince 1872-1966
Maud Elizabeth Tobin 1872-1941
Harriet Alice "Hattie" (West) (Dick) Betz 1870-
Maude E. (Whitney) Preston 1872-1955
Mary Ellen (Yesberger) Wack 1872-1931

as published in the Oberlin Weekly News, Oberlin, Ohio, Thursday, June 19, 1890, p. 3

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