Oberlin High School
Class of 1883
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Class list corrections - 1883@oberlin-high.org

Persons listed in Black Bold have obituaries posted on the In Memoriam pages.

Lola Barnard 1865-1941
Louie O. Broadwell  1863-
Mary Morris (Burnett) Talbert 1866-1923
Margaret W. "Maggie" (Cameron) Fairweather 1866-1947
Charles Joseph Chamberlain 1863-1943
Grace E. "Gracie" (Clisbee) Martin 1867-1948
Lizzie W. Cummings
Harriett Aletha "Hattie" (Gibbs) Marshall 1870-1941
Ernest L. Harrison c. 1866-
Grace Lee 1867-1900
Mary Ella (Life) Chamberlain 1866-1931
Mary Lydia (Marsh) Allen c. 1867-1938
Walter I. Mitchell c. 1863-1918
Charles Finney Preslar 1865-1939
Nina S. "Nony" Smith c. 1866-
Lillie Lavina (Thompson) Terborgh 1864-1947
Charles Tobin 1868-1922
George Sawtelle Waite 1866-1930
Celia L. (Wotring) (McKisson) Wotring

as published in the Oberlin Weekly News, Oberlin, Ohio, Friday, June 22, 1883, p. 3
Updated 13 April 2012