Oberlin High School
Class of 1877
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Class list corrections - 1877@oberlin-high.org

Persons listed in Black Bold have obituaries posted on the In Memoriam pages.

Jessie Laura (Bacon) Potter c. 1859-1927
Lilly R. (Barton) Redington 1854-1944
Lucina Genevieve (Brush) Bellows 1859-1911
Martha Louise "Mattie" (Clark) Brittain c. 1860-1937
Emma Josephine Clisbee c. 1860-
Alice Minerva Cowles 1859-1926
William Hamilton Cowles 1861-1925
Julia Anna (Evans) Johnson 1859-1925
Ella Maria (Glenn) Guy c. 1860-1947
May (Henry) Saxton c. 1859-1917
John Charles Fremont Jackson c. 1861-1894
Frances E. "Fannie" (Jenney) Ballard  1863-1938
Jessie Maretta (Leonard) Turner c. 1861-1888
Margaret Eliza "Minnie" Maltby 1860-1944
Amelia Thorpe (Martin) Smith c. 1861-1892
Edward P. Martin c. 1865-
Abbie Huntington (Mills) Paddack 1861-1958
Frances Frederica (Munson) Gleason c. 1859-1937
Carrie M. (Pelton) Cook 1860-1900
Jessie Fidelia (Pounds) Jones c. 1861-1951
Lewis Humphrey Pounds 1861-1947
Charles Walter Purple 1863-1909
Mary Lucinda Regal 1863-1958
Clarence F. Swift 1861-1919
Fred Dwight Swift c. 1859-1944
Anna Lavina (Wallace) Hope 1859-1932

as published in the Oberlin Weekly News, Oberlin, Ohio, Thursday, June 21, 1877, p. 3

Updated 27 June 2007