Oberlin High School
Class of 1876
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Class list corrections - 1876@oberlin-high.org

Persons listed in Black Bold have obituaries posted on the In Memoriam pages.

Frances B. Baker c. 1858-
Charles H. Beckwith
Carrie E. Brown 1860-1939
Flora B. Carpenter 1858-1924
Ella (Chatfield) Warner c. 1857-1927
Olive Chatfield c. 1858-1882
Leila Edith (Clark) Levan c. 1855-1897
Herbert B. Coates 1858-1924
Fanny Evangeline "Eva" (Edwards) Sackett 1857-1932
Josephine "Josie" (Franks) Calland 1858-1950
Alfred Henry Howard c. 1857-1943
Eva Lillian (Hutchings) Smith 1857-1884
Lelia E. Johnson c. 1859-1944
Agnes Lenora "Aggie" (Noble) Warden 1858-1958
William Henry "Will" Peck c. 1858-
Rose A. Stevens c. 1857-
Harlan M. Stone c. 1859-1947
Ernest Nathan Warden 1859-1927
Rosa Olive (Wilmot) Stedman 1859-1932
Nellie Mary "May" (Worcester) Baxter 1858-1948

as published in the Oberlin Weekly News, Oberlin, Ohio, Thursday, June 15, 1876, p. 5

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