Oberlin High School
Class of 1873
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Class list corrections - 1873@oberlin-high.org

Persons listed in Black Bold have obituaries posted on the In Memoriam pages.

Charles Whitfield Allen 1854-1904
Florence Abbie "Flora" Gilchrist c. 1856-1886
Flora E. Hale 1854-1900
Martha Rebecca "Mattie" Jackson c. 1856-1922
Mary Editha Kenney 1854-1948
Hattie M. Redington '71 c. 1854-
Jennie C. (Scott) White
Alice Amanda "Allie" (Stone) Rood 1857-1926
Abbie Armville M. (Stone) Cummer '71 1854-1932
Lutie S. Watson 1852-
Mathia "Mattie" A. Wiley c. 1854-

as published in the Lorain County News, Oberlin, Ohio, Thursday, June 19, 1873, p. 3

Updated 7 July 2008