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Class of 1871
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Persons listed in Black Bold have obituaries posted on the In Memoriam pages.

Arthur Chase Andrews 1854-195
Anna (Bancroft) Roe* 1855-1912

Jennie Elizabeth (Castle) Woodford  c. 1855-
Burt Erastus DeYo c. 1856-1931
Evaline A. "Lena" Fitts c. 1855-
Hiram W. Fobes 1853-1915
Mary J. (Godley) Royce 1855-1940
Alice Henry c. 1853-
Will Henry 1851-1919
Anna Holland Jones 1855-1932
Frances Maria "Fannie" (Keep) Patton 1856-1895
Charles Beebe Martin 1857-1947
Cassie Alba (Reamer) Terry c. 1857-1944
Hattie M. Redington c. 1854-
Lida Robertson (Seymour) Fiske c. 1854-1922
Abbie Armville M. (Stone) Cummer 1854-1932
Laura J. Stone c. 1856-
Mary Strong
Lucy Ella (Wright) Whittlesey 1857-1882

The members of the Class of 1871 did not actually graduate in 1871.  The newspaper referred to the exercises, held in the College Chapel, as an "Exhibition," as opposed to a "Graduation," and concluded with this paragraph: "The announcement was then made that the class of fifteen [18?] which was to have been graduated at that time was held over for one year's further instruction, the standard for graduation having been raised by the Board so as to fully fit graduates to enter college. The fifteen who under the old requirements would now be graduates from our high school had passed their examinations with credit, and were only prevented from appearing as a class to receive their farewell words by reason of the late change and addition to the course of study." 

Eight of these people graduated in the following two years. Eighteen persons actually took part in the exercises. Perhaps three students actually did graduate in 1871, but they are not so identified.

*Graduated from Oberlin High School, but year not given.
as published in the Lorain County News, Oberlin, Ohio, Thursday, June 8, 1871, p. 3.
see also The Cleveland Morning Herald, Cleveland, Ohio, Wednesday, June 7, 1871.
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